Music video of “Holiday” by Volkova Sisters. Directed by Bálint Rádóczy. Contains samples of Philip K. Dick’s speech at the Metz Sci-Fi Convention in France, 1977.

“I heard the first demo roughly 2 years ago and it hit me instantly: creaked, crackled, it was cruel, ruthless, it made no compromises. But after the fifth listening or so, you become aware of the hidden harmonies and you realise that under this brutal and rough surface there’s a whole opera hidden. The strength of the song is in this duality. What we’ve created visually had to carry the same message: it should look like we’ve shitted in the corner but there has to be a hidden symbolism to it to elevate it on a mental level rather than the visual.” (…)

“We shot the entire thing back in my hometown of Pécs, Hungary. We were looking for unfriendly, post-apocalyptic locations. First of all I looked at the whole thing from the viewpoint of Philip K. Dick: nothing is real what we see. Secondly I was considering the fact that we’ve already started to move into our very own simulations, our phones, our Facebooks and so on… Slowly we are leaving this reality, converting ourselves into bytes of data.” (…)

“I used VHS because historically it was the last relatively analogue tool of recording moving image so it rather belongs to the old world but it’s also a part of the transition. Inside and outside, again.” (…)

“The video has a certain symbolism. It’s about escapism: about the things we do in the hope of rescuing ourselves from reality – when in fact they do the do the exact opposite: they create an even stronger connection with it. I don’t think of this as a problem though, I assume whoever created this simulation, their desire was that we immerse into it, head to toe (laughs). Our heroes somehow got stuck halfway out of this collective digital dream. They are involved in activities of redirection, pseudo-histories, dependencies. I think all acts of escapism are in fact meant to anchor ourselves to a different, desired segment of reality.” (…)

(excerpts from an interview on phenom’enon magazin, 14 07 2015)

Special thanks: Colin Guillemet, Marcel Meury, Brigitte Dätwyler, Hunor Gyöngyösi, Rumann Gábor, Claudia Marina Christen, Roshan Morteza. © 2015 Volkova Sisters & Bálint Rádóczy