A salutation to the audience and the people I took pictures of, anybody who’s ever been involved with me. Thank you for letting me make mistakes. Please, let me do some more.

sorrythankyouplease.pictures launched on Valentine’s day, 14 02 2015.

A sense of randomness is true to life. Sorrythankyouplease is meant to be a very open and vague format that aims the release and blending of unseen, old and new material from of the artist’s archives without offering a pronounced concept. It is a test to stir and dissolve timelines and visual genres in a self/re-curating practice to create a generous and permissive space that speaks out for artistic freedom while ignoring the noise of the dominant discourses of both fine art and photography-scene and to put the emphasis back on a personal, or even “arbitrary” approach of “doing whatever the fuck I want”. This is an attempt at healing the painstaking self-consciousness of the postmodern condition and to move towards a more personal approach to whatever it is I’m doing. I call it “selfless-consciousness” but in fact it’s a “whatever”, in an age where even whatevers want something. This particular whatever wants…

“Whatever happens. Whatever
what is is is what
I want. Only that. But that.”