A set of 70 cards of A6 size that can be read randomly, shuffled, and picked by chance. You are not bound to read the entire package: the cards represent an entity on their own, but also hint at a bigger knowledge in their entirety. Each of them contains a thought or idea, a chain of thoughts or fragments of ideas — all in relation to my thoughts on art and the role of the artist today.
The cards move on a very large scale of diversity in regards of the approaches and the tone of voice. There are cards reminiscent of a manifesto, cards that are very intimate, or far-out philosophical, and there are others that seem half-baked, or outdated, overhauled or just superficial, there are quotes from pop-songs to movies and movie critics, but also from artists and physicists. Some cards have seemingly nothing to do with the others. Some are contradicting the others.

One of the thoughts behind creating this form was to illustrate an idea spanning through the whole work, and also appearing in it at some point:
“There are no discredited or illegitimate sources, everything is up for debate.” — a statement meant to sum up my position towards the nature of knowledge. Since supposedly everything we experience is mediated, we can choose to “believe” or “trust” or disbelieve and distrust the information handed to us, but to claim to “know” something is not more than to be fooled by our senses. I believe this position to be what you might call “extremist relativist”.