We wanted to make something new during the summer of 2017 because I felt that I’ve finally gained some clarity or transparency on how and where to move on, a sense of what is needed in the world out of the limited variety of things I’m capable of doing. This next thing, it’s a bit of a start from scratch, it’s also based on a very, very delicate balance — and my partner in crime and me hugely underestimated the time and energy needed to be invested in it, in every possible aspect. It’s one of those things that look very simple and effortless, but that simplicity can only be a result of hard, deeply committed work and full clarity of vision. We also got sidetracked by life’s rich pageant, indeed a lot of unexpected happened. It really looked like all is telling us it’s not time yet. After the summer was over, we looked at each other and decided we are going to take all the time it needs to become what it wants to become. Until then, I’m present on Instagram on a reliable daily basis. Thank you for your patience. Sincerely, Bálint