Premiered on phenom’enon magazine, 18 06 2019

Music video performance, 4 min 20 sec, 3840  ×  2160, 2019. Recorded September 2018, Pécs, Hungary. Performed, directed & post production by Bálint Rádóczy, cinematography by Attila Szederkényi.

„Shape Your Shame” by Volkova Sisters. Original music written, composed, performed and produced by Volkova Sisters: Daniel Sandor (synth), Dalma Berger (vocals), Gergely Kovacs (guitar). © 2019 Bálint Rádóczy & Volkova Sisters.

Shape Your Shame is, as I believe, just as much of a political track as it is a relationship song. For the video I took the 1960s feminist slogan “Personal is political” and interpreted it a bit more broadly. I wanted to create a Mephisto-like satyr-figure to personify the current state of the world, dancing on the ruins, embracing the drama as the consequences of his own actions, but also sort of enjoying this atmosphere of apocalypse. 

I grabbed a bunch of videos from the web, floods, forest fires, extreme weather, Brexit, Trump, terrorist attacks, protests, ethnic cleansing, you name it — a cross-section of the world in the news. I took off my clothes, I projected this costume of digital junk with a beamer onto my body and just danced to the song. In post production I abstracted the raw material beyond recognition by the spatial mapping of the color values, because it wasn’t my intention to project opinions about what’s going on, not even to reflect on it — I simply wanted to take the shame of the world, put it on myself and do something with it, interpreting the title of the song quite literally.